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I am a 20-year-old creative nomad from Halle, Belgium, driven by a lifelong passion for the audiovisual world that took root in my childhood. My journey started with posting vlogs on YouTube, initially capturing the attention of classmates and fellow students. While it wasn't an immediate success, I persisted, continually generating imaginative ideas and exploring diverse avenues to express my creativity.

The driving force behind my endeavors has always been the belief in "persevere, experiment, and grow in your craft." Through hands-on experience, I took it upon myself to learn everything necessary to excel in this field.

During my third year of secundary school, I made a decisive choice to specialize further in audiovisual arts. The experience not only enriched my technical skills but also honed my planning abilities, work ethic, and capacity to meet deadlines. It was the perfect blend, and I successfully graduated.

After completing my studies, I joined the dynamic team at Wingman Agency, a vibrant social media agency located in the heart of Leuven, as a Social Content Creator. This opportunity has allowed me to be on the move daily, delivering professional photo and video content to our clients for their social needs.

In addition to my role at Wingman Agency, I also operate my own business as a photo and videographer, offering a wide range of all-around projects.

Get to know me.

Portret van Senne Lories

A global partner available anytime, anywhere. With the ability to work seamlessly across the globe, I am committed to delivering excellence wherever your projects take you.

Available anytime, anywhere

Throughout my existence, I have continually developed and enriched my skills and embarked on a path of growth and knowledge expansion in the field of photo and video production.

3+ years of experience

I believe that every moment, scene and subject has a unique story to tell.

I strive to capture these stories in the most compelling and artistic way possible.

My mission

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